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I am happy to talk if you need my help. I am always looking for challenging, innovative work so feel free to contact me if you know any such opportunity. Email should be the best way to reach me.

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I am Sameer, a fifth year graduate student in Princeton EE working with Prateek Mittal and (Paul Cuff).

My research interests are broadly in security and privacy. More specifically, my focus is on problems in applied cryptography and privacy preserving machine learning, efficient oblivious RAM protocols, MPC and cryptographic primitives in general, with a slight inclination towards theory. Through my research, I try to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Before joining Princeton, I spent 4 wonderful years at IIT Madras, graduating with B.Tech. with Honors in Engineering Physics.

"Theory is the first term in the Taylor series of practice."      
-Tom Cover          

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